Welcome to a simpler, natural little corner of the world.  Come in, stay awhile, take what you can use, and leave the rest.

This is a place to share a love of all things warm and cozy.  I believe in using what nature has given us, as often as possible, to create delicious food, safe and effective home remedies, alternative medicines and medical practices, and organic and natural household products that will not add toxins to our bodies or to our homes.

The more I learn, the more I believe that a more natural approach to most things in life is much healthier, less expensive in this financially-burdened world, and just better for us in general.  Our ancestors knew how to use what nature offered to live their lives and appreciate what was around them.  There was no drug store or grocery on the corner for most of them.  They had to use family traditions and practices to find solutions to problems, whether it be an ailment or a way to stretch a limited supply of food.

Our world today is an exciting, progressive place.  With that progression, some health problems have arrived.  Processed foods, harsh prescriptions, expensive “everything”.

When you visit here, I hope that you can take away a little nugget of something new each time.

  • An idea for something new to prepare for dinner that is both satisfying and nutritious.  Food that is not laden with chemicals that are too hard to pronounce.  Food that does not burden your immune system with toxins that produce a negative effect on your future.
  • An alternative way at looking at healing and preventive health practices.  A natural herb that you were not aware of that can be used in a tea or added to your usual recipes that will boost your immunity and add years to your life with continued use.
  • A peek at traditions from another era that are still alive and in use today, like preserving your beautiful garden items for the coming year, or visiting farmers markets to capture food at its freshest, so that you can enjoy it during the cold months when it is not available in your area of the world.  Appalachian traditions that are completely appropriate in the most chic and urban home.
  • Simple is truly better for most families in this fast-paced world.  Adding a few useful traditional habits to your routine can save time and money, as well as adding a healthy approach to your life.
  • Whether you live down a long, dirt road or in a modern loft apartment in the city, I believe that you can benefit from the information here.  And I hope that my ideas will give you an open mind that will allow you to look at your world a little differently, giving you more ideas about organizing your routine in a way that takes away some of life’s stresses and gives you a chance to sit and enjoy a “me moment” once in awhile.  You deserve it!  We all do.

I would love to hear from you about ideas that you would like to see here!


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